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I'm Dope-UV DTF Decal

I'm Dope-UV DTF Decal

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Permanent and Waterproof

About 3.5”(wide) x 4”(height)

Decal can be placed on plastics, metals, woods and glass.

No watermark will appear on your transfer

Application Process:

  1. Peel Design Transfer from backing. We recommend the graphic side down and white side up to peel backing(clear film)
  2. Place the transfer on cup and ensure design is straight and positioned correctly(the adhesive is very strong. Once the transfer touches the glass it’s impossible to take off)
  3. Press the transfer down , working from the center outwards, pushing out any bubbles. Use a hard plastic similar to a bank card or fingers.
  4. Peel clear film off slowly and you’re done.

Hand wash only. We do advise not to put in dishwasher or microwave. Not responsible for application mishaps. Please be aware of how to use UV Dtf wraps and their application process.


We are NOT responsible for transfers damaged during the application process. No refunds, returns, or exchanges will be accepted. Please wait a minimum of 24 hours before hand washing your glass gently in warm water. Do not use anything abrasive to wash your glass
Glass not included with this purchase.

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