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America Vibes, Fourth of July, Sublimation Transfer

America Vibes, Fourth of July, Sublimation Transfer

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This is a Ready To Press Sublimation Transfer
This is NOT a Digital File
This is not a finished product
Images are about  10"
You will Receive this Ready To Press transfer in the Mail

No watermark will appear on your transfer

Transfers will appear faded until pressed

Parchment paper needs to be placed between the t-shirt and on top of shirt to prevent bleeding through!
* Sublimation prints should be used on at least a 50% polyester count garment that is white or very light in color

* The closer to 100% polyester you get, the brighter the image. The closer to 50% polyester the more vintage the image.Knowledge of bleaching if you are using a darker polyester shirt.

* Heat press is highly recommended. Transfer needs to be applied with even and heavy pressure. Regular Iron is NOT recommended. 

Please note: not all heat presses are the same. You will need to test yours to find what works for you.

Recommended to press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds.Hot peel. Let Cool

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